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amy miller

Amy Miller


Nagoya, Japan

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Amy didn't just study in Japan, but also worked at world expo 2005 in Aichi prefecture. She was one of three members in charge of coordinating home stay programs for her sister city Seto. She felt people were staring at her and that made her very self-conscious, but the same time, she made many good friends and still keeps in touch with them. She became fluent in Japanese because she didn't have a chance to speak in English and also she tried to speak Japanese as much as she could while she was in Japan. Through study abroad, she became more confidence, and she traveled to Korea by herself. Now, she is applying for JET (The Japan Exchange and Teaching). After she came back to the US, she works at Japanese restaurant so she has a chance to use her Japanese here as well.


Nagoya Gakuin University

Nagoya Gakuin University (English)

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