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caine francis

Caine Francis


London, England

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Caine didn't experience culture shock as much as people who went to entirely different countries but London is a big metropolitan city, so he was not used to how people walk so fast and everything goes fast because he was here at Forest Grove which is very little town before he got there. He took one class at London Metropolitan University. There was a different way to turn in papers. He lived in Central London, 2 minutes from Big Ben. Even though, he heard the food in London was bad before he got there, but actually he thinks you can find a really good restaurant unless you know what to avoid and what to look for. He also did internship. After he came back to the US, he considers how American culture is different from that of London. He says he had a hard time coming back, everything moves so slowly and so much unnecessary bigness. He is sure now that a big city fits to him and he knows he would go back to London in his future. He recommends that people who are thinking about study abroad in the future that you should just do it, because this is the time you can do.


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